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Children learn best when engaged in two way dialog.
Get the conversation going with these great products, now on sale.


Express It BuddyExpress It! Buddy -15% off!
This plush pal allows children to display feelings.

Included within a front pocket is an assortment of 14 Velcro facial features (eyes, eyebrows, mouths) which can be combined in different ways to achieve various facial expressions.

6 illustrated situation cards present a bare-faced Express It! Buddy, inviting children to select the expression they feel is most appropriate to the situation. There are no wrong answers!

from 3 years+

WizKidzWiz Kidz – 15% off!
This family game for all ages reinforces vocabulary, phonics, and word categorizations in record speed. Players pick a card from the alphabet letter stack and a card from the answer stack. Then it’s time to think fast to generate as many logical associations as possible. Includes 98 cards and instructions.

FAMILY – 7 years and up

Speed Wiz
Speed Wiz – 15% off!
A fast-paced, innovative, on-the-go brain game that expands vocabulary, organizational, sorting and categorizing skills. Game cards are printed with categories that encourage players to quickly make mental associations. Keep the categories going or you’re knocked out. Multiple game variations and levels of difficulty offer fun for all ages.
FAMILY – 8 years and up
Games On The GoGames On The Go – 10% off!
Turn family road trips and moments of down time into great family fun. Games on the Go is a collection of 50 games and activities that can be played anywhere at any time.

The collection includes guessing games, word games, memory challenges, trivia, searching games and much, much more. A portable deck of 50 game cards that can be clipped to a purse or bag and played in a car, at the dinner table, at a party or on trips. 2 or more players.

FAMILY – 4 years and up

Family TalkFamily Talk – 10% off!
Portable conversation game designed to keep today’s busy families connected. Pick pick a card, ask the question and get a surprising and often hilarious glimpse into the hearts and minds of your family members. What makes you feel most welcomed when you get home? What is your favorite family tradition? What would you put inside a time capsule to be opened in 100 years?

Diverse topics reveal surprising answers, even from hard-to-talk-to teens. Play anywhere.  100 conversation questions on 51 cards attached to a metal clip.

FAMILY – 3 years and up

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