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What Instrument Can Earn a College Scholarship?

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A couple years ago, when my youngest Savana was starting 5th grade, a community mom asked my wife what instrument Savana elected to try as part of the district’s musical introduction program.  When my wife responded “the violin”, this same mom surprised her with the retort, “Why didn’t you choose an instrument that can get you money?”  Supposedly her daughter’s band teacher advised the parents that particular instruments can help a child earn

Provide Toys With Value This Holiday Season

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Providing toys with value can be tough in today’s market. All of the gizmos and gadgets will only take a child’s learning so far, whereas timeless, traditional educational toys will bring play to a whole new level. We at Discovery Toys take pride in our timeless products that provide layers and layers of learning across the board. Here’s our take

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Your Ultimate Gift Guide: DT’s Top Toys of 2018

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Holiday Shopping Just Got Easier

Don’t let holiday shopping for your little ones overwhelm you this year. We’ve put together our TOP TOYS of 2018 to make things easy, DT toy tester approved!

Hover/tap over each product for details.


Take apart and rebuild three free-wheeling toys. Includes: Tool box, electric power tool, three vehicles, screwdriver, & extra screws.


An early childhood pre-math & pre-reading learning center in an heirloom wooden box! Logic & spatial thinking will blossom with the 132 wooden geometric shapes & 34 progressively challenging designs.


ALL NEW! Design your own super-sized marble raceway! With 8 different exciting marble actions, each new race is just as exciting! Save $5 through 12/31/18.


Snap & click to design your own interactive roadway. Hundreds of different configurations and color combinations! Includes: Classic Zip Track Set, Zip Track Booster Set, and Zip Track Car.


Drop 3 weighted chime balls down the interchangeable tracks of this oversized marble run building system.


One gentle press sends this little guy zooming across the floor! Whirling rainbow beads in the wheels cause baby to gleefully chase after his frisky friend.


Balancing fun for all ages! Multiple ways to connect these 12 chunky wood figures: stack them upright, upside down or even sideways.


Our award-winning design features 25 easy to grasp pegs in 5 different shapes and 2-sided activity board. Shake the star pegs for multi-sensory fun!


This open-ended, kid-powered magnetic set inspires the imagination. Easy to connect and can build 2-D and 3-D configurations.


These large-sized, open-ended jigsaw-like shapes are super lightweight and easy for small hands to connect. Build 2-D and 3-D designs in an infinite number of configurations.


Twist, turn, whirl and twirl! This portable, foldable hands-on activity center intrigues tiny eyes, ears and fingers. 5 sides each with different colorful parts to observe, listen to and manipulate.


A DT classic filled with layers of learning! These volumetrically correct, sequentially numbered cups introduce important preschool concepts related to volume, size, time, color and measurement.


Early math concepts are much easier to comprehend with this hands-on set of 36 realistically-shaped, textured bugs. 23 progressively challenging activities on double-sided cards.


This handheld field microscope offer 40x magnification and is equipped with LED illumination for brighter close-up viewing. Rotate the view cylinder to adjust focus. Includes a lanyard for on-the-go discoveries, outdoor or indoor.


Hexacus is stacking fun for EVERYONE! This 25-piece set will provide double the fun! Just sort by size and color, then stack, nest, and balance to create a wide variety of patterns and shapes.


Unique dress-up fun with wood body frame and 25 different fashionable fabric swatches. Swap out the 4 magnetic heads for a different mood or hairstyle.


Boost reading readiness skills with this hands-on set of 36 colorful, soft-molded farm animals. The 12 double-sided cards with 23 progressively challenging activities spark a series of a-ha moments.

Toys are more than just fun and games for kids. They

Our kids are playing less than any previous generation. Open ended play and unstructured time are being reduced inside and outside school, and our children are spending huge amounts of time on video games and other media.  As a result, our kids are not developing critical 21st century skills such as collaboration, creativity, problem-solving, resilience and empathy, that they will need to succeed as adults in the global economy. It’s a proven

Discovery Toys Engineering Little Minds

My 13 year old son Evan was a bit dismayed to discover that he would be taking PLTW (Project Lead the Way) Engineering as an elective this Fall at his middle school.  He really wanted to take Media/Communications as his elective, and he got it, but his first choice is an “A” period class.  He thus was assigned to a 2nd elective, PLTW Engineering.  Evan is fairly intelligent and performs