What Instrument Can Earn a College Scholarship?

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A couple years ago, when my youngest Savana was starting 5th grade, a community mom asked my wife what instrument Savana elected to try as part of the district’s musical introduction program.  When my wife responded “the violin”, this same mom surprised her with the retort, “Why didn’t you choose an instrument that can get you money?”  Supposedly her daughter’s band teacher advised the parents that particular instruments can help a child earn a scholarship,…continue reading »

Provide Toys With Value This Holiday Season

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Providing toys with value can be tough in today’s market. All of the gizmos and gadgets will only take a child’s learning so far, whereas timeless, traditional educational toys will bring play to a whole new level. We at Discovery Toys take pride in our timeless products that provide layers and layers of learning across the board. Here’s our take on Toys of Value and how they can help with your holiday shopping decisions! Get…continue reading »

Your Ultimate Gift Guide: DT’s Top Toys of 2018

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Holiday Shopping Just Got Easier Don’t let holiday shopping for your little ones overwhelm you this year. We’ve put together our TOP TOYS of 2018 to make things easy, DT toy tester approved! Hover/tap over each product for details.   Toys are more than just fun and games for kids. They are the tools they use to learn and grow… When doing your holiday shopping this year, take care to consider the value of the toys….continue reading »

What toys should you be buying this holiday season?

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Our kids are playing less than any previous generation. Open ended play and unstructured time are being reduced inside and outside school, and our children are spending huge amounts of time on video games and other media.  As a result, our kids are not developing critical 21st century skills such as collaboration, creativity, problem-solving, resilience and empathy, that they will need to succeed as adults in the global economy. It’s a proven fact that children learn…continue reading »