Discovery Toys Featured on The Doctor’s TV Show!

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For almost 40 years, Discovery Toys has been at the forefront of bringing educational kid powered learning products that are based in play to market. We and others believe there is truly a “Crisis in Play” in the US as well as in many other countries that is effecting the development of our children. We were honored at the opportunity to share the gift of PLAY with on a recent episode of The Doctor’s TV show in which Discovery Toys donated a full Toy Store to a 2 year old girl who is in need of multiple life changing surgeries. It was a perfect opportunity to help make a difference in this child’s life. As her health progresses she’ll have the finest fun as well as educational learning products for at least the next 8 years!!!

We all look forward to seeing Sofia experience the childhood and life she deserves. It was an honor to take part in helping to make a difference in Sofia’s life as making a difference in the lives of children by providing them with the gift of play is central to our mission at Discovery Toys. It is our wish that the unique toys we sent will help to stimulate Sofia before and after her surgeries as well as for many years to come.

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