Is Drawing a Lost Art?

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Did anyone catch that pun?  I like to have fun with words when I can. Last weekend we survived a night with 9 fifth grade girls at our place for my daughter Savana’s slumber party.  The celebration was often loud and a bit rowdy at times.  I even had to chalk over a bunch of sidewalk messages a couple of the girls scrawled for their male classmate who lives down the street.  But I must…continue reading »

Music Feeds The Mind & Soul

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The exceptional moments of silence certainly bring relief and relaxation to our home, but I prefer the rat-a-tat-tat of my son’s drum practice in the living room, or the disjointed melodies keyed by my youngest on the piano, or the guitar strumming and booming vocals emanating from my oldest daughter’s bedroom.  The sound of music is alive in the Garber household!  Albeit the genes for music are well rooted in my wife’s bloodline, the affinity…continue reading »

Pressure to Excel – The Impact on our Kids

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My son Evan, a 7th grader, is currently enrolled in a combined 7th/8th grade Math class.  At the school’s recent Back to School Night, his math teacher welcomed us parents and advised that she was not going to talk about the course curriculum or her grading policy.  She instead spent her 10 minutes of allotted time expressing her concern with the emotional state of her students.   She mentioned the growing rate of suicide and…continue reading »