Discovery Toys Featured on The Doctor’s TV Show!

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For almost 40 years, Discovery Toys has been at the forefront of bringing educational kid powered learning products that are based in play to market. We and others believe there is truly a “Crisis in Play” in the US as well as in many other countries that is effecting the development of our children. We were honored at the opportunity to share the gift of PLAY with on a recent episode of The Doctor’s TV…continue reading »

DT Easter Basket Fundraising 2017

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DT Easter Basket Fundraising 2017 “The participation in this year’s Easter Basket Fundraising was nothing short of spectacular! This program is truly the embodiment of ideals that Discovery Toys & our Team Members value so dearly. The thousands of recipients of these baskets are children who unfortunately do not enjoy many of the taken for granted joys that come with living in an advanced society. Knowing that someone cares enough to remember them this Easter…continue reading »

Discovery Toys Sizzle Videos

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See our products in action and watch our Sizzle Videos! Take a look at these Discovery Toys sizzle videos demonstrating our top products. Learn how they work, different ways to play and see the amazing benefits our products have for children for yourself. Have a question? Contact us here. Interested in purchasing any of these products, click here to learn more!